Share your story

As our alumni you have a valuable story to share. We want to hear about your time at ANU, how your experience and degree has helped shape your career and what you’ve been doing since you graduated.

Your story may be shared with students considering studying at ANU. It may also be published on the College website, social media and possibly in printed publications.

Of course providing a story is not the only way to stay connected to the College. You can also join the College alumni LinkedIn group and a Facebook group. This is a great way to share opportunities, reconnect with alumni, arrange meetings and reunions, post alumni events and news or to promote campaigns and projects.

Some topics you may wish to cover include: • Why you studied your particular degree • How your studies at ANU made an impact on your life and influenced you as a person • Any challenges faced in your career and how you overcame them • Your notable career accomplishments • What drives and motivates you • Your future career plans • Advice you wish to share to help others achieve their career goals or dreams.

Updated:  10 August 2021/Responsible Officer:  Dean, CECS/Page Contact:  CECS Marketing