Engineering Internships

The Engineering Internships are offered as an elective course (ENGN3200/ENGN6200) for undergraduate and postgraduate ANU Engineering students.

ENGN6200 can be taken as a restricted choice (12 units) course for the Master of Machine Learning and Computer Vision (MMLCV) pre-2022 students.   

About Engineering Internship

For information on the Engineering Internship ENGN3200/ENGN6200 enrolment approval process, see ENGN3200-6200 enrolment approval flowchart (PDF).

Engineering Internship placements can be either student-sourced placements or CECC-sourced placements.

Many students self-source their Engineering Internship placement. Self-sourcing your own placement will strengthen your job search skills and your career planning skills including how to navigate your career path to secure those job opportunities which match your interests and values.

Students must request for a placement suitability assessment. Please ensure you request this at least 4 weeks before the start of the teaching period that you plan to enrol in ENGN3200/6200.

Eligibility to be considered for ENGN3200/6200 Engineering enrolment

  • a minimum GPA of 5.0/7.0;
  • For undergraduates: completed a minimum of 96 engineering program courses
  • For postgraduates: completed a minimum of 48 units of postgraduate coursework, including ENGN6250 or ENGN8260
  • Space in your program to accommodate an Engineering Internship course (6 to 24 units). Check with the CECC Student Employability team to confirm you have space in your engineering program to undertake ENGN3200/6200.

Request confirmation of room in your degree to fit ENGN3200/6200, in the teaching period prior to the teaching period you intend to enrol in.

Who to contact for further advice?

To discuss Engineering Internships, please get in touch with:

Counting the same work placement towards both ENGN3200 and ENGN3100

Work hours undertaken for the Engineering Internship course ENGN3200 can be counted towards ENGN3100 Work Experience requirements. However, you do still need to submit a report and required evidence for ENGN3100.

To understand what you need to do, see How to claim work experience completed in ENGN3200 towards ENGN3100 from 2020 (PDF).

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