Enrolling in CECC courses

ANU students


It is every student’s responsibility to manage their own study program. This includes enrolling in appropriate courses on time, to meet program and course requirements.

Failure to meet the enrolment deadlines may have financial and academic consequences.

Don't delay! CECC highly recommends you enrol in your courses as soon as possible.

Enrolling in courses

Whether you are a new or continuing student, all students must enrol in their courses by the 'last day to enrol' date, which is specified in the ‘Class’ information for each course of your program. 

To find the 'last day to enrol' date follow these instructions.

Go to Programs and Courses

  • Look up your program/degree.
  • Find your 'Program Requirements' in the 'Study' tab.
  • Scroll down to look at each of the courses in your program.
  • Click on each of the courses for more information.
  • Within each course page is a ‘Class’ tab. 
  • In the ‘Class’ tab you will find the class number, census date, and ‘last day to enrol’ date.
  • Use this information to enrol in your courses on ISIS.

Further information on how to enrol:

How to use Programs & Courses

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Enrol for the first time as a non-award student - ANU

Enrol for the first time as an online student - ANU

Enrol for the first time as a research student - ANU

Re-enrol - ANU

See the ANU calendar for more important dates.


Permission Codes

What is a permission code?

A permission code is a unique code issued to a student that overrides course requisites, allowing them to enrol in a course.

Some courses have restrictions to ensure that students meet specific requirements and have appropriate background knowledge and skills to be successful in the course before enrolling. These requirements are listed under the 'Requisite and Incompatibility' section of the course page on Program and Courses.

Students who do not meet the listed requisites typically will not be permitted to enrol into a later course, as our experience has shown us that despite their best intentions and efforts, students who are underprepared for a course frequently have a poor experience, which leads to significant stress and often poor outcomes in the course.

Am I eligible to apply for a permission code?

Students can apply for a permission code if:

  • You have met the listed course and/or program requisites through previous ANU studies, but cannot self-enrol in ISIS.
  • The course requires department consent that you've met all other published requirements, therefore a permission code is required for enrolment.
  • You have accepted an offer for academic credit or exemption which includes the prerequisite course, but it has not been applied to your academic record yet.#
  • You are a very high-performing student (i.e. minimum overall GPA of 6.5/7.0) with excellent academic standing (i.e. no academic integrity infractions) who has completed at least 96 units of ANU courses and can demonstrate that you have achieved at least at a Distinction grade in cognate courses at the same level or higher level at ANU.^
  • You have an interim grade (i.e. DA/PX/RP) for a prerequisite course.* 

    #You will need to upload proof (e.g. email confirmation) that you have been awarded specific credit for the prerequisite course as part of your permission code request.

    ^The above does not guarantee you permission to enrol into a course and does not waive the requirement to complete a compulsory course listed within your degree. However, the College may be prepared to consider the request if the above performance hurdles are satisfied and a strong case could be made for why you are requesting to take the course out of sequence.

    * If you have an interim grade for a prerequisite course but meet all other requirements, you will be conditionally approved for a permission code for subsequent courses. However, failure in the prerequisite course will result in your enrolment from the later course being automatically dropped. 

If you are eligible, please use the online permission code request form to apply for permission codes for Semester 1 and Autumn Session courses in 2023.
Not sure if a course is scheduled in 2023? Please refer to the "Class" tab on Programs and Courses

CECC Permission Code Request Form

I do not meet the requisite/s and would like to be assessed for a requisite waiver for a specific course. What documentation do I need to provide?

If you are looking to enrol into a later course on grounds that you have completed equivalent studies outside of the ANU and/or that you have significant professional experience (including professional references) that meet the learning outcomes of the published prerequisite course/s, you will need to apply for exemption or credit, not for a permission code.  Awarded exemptions or credits will be applied to your current CECC program and can often be used to meet requisites for multiple courses.

For more information on applying for exemption or credit, please refer to the following website: Applying for course credit and exemption | ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

If you have simply not attempted a prerequisite course (or if you've failed the prerequisite) you typically will not be permitted to enrol into the later course, unless there is a very strong academic and/or compassionate and compelling justification for the College to consider. In these circumstances, the onus will be on you to present a very strong case that is substantiated with supporting documentation.

I've failed the prerequisite course. Can I reattempt the prerequisite and enrol concurrently in the later course in the same semester? 

Typically, no. Requesting to enrol into a course concurrently with a course prerequisite will not be considered unless the course is explicitly listed as a co-requisite or unless there is a significant academic and/or compassionate and compelling justification for the College to consider. In these circumstances, the onus will be on you to present a very strong case that is substantiated with supporting documentation.


I need to enrol into my Project Course (e.g. ENGN4350/COMP4550) but it requires a permission code. Do I apply for this here?

No. Our College has developed a streamlined enrolment process for students who are approved to complete an independent research project or an individual Honours project. This means that you no longer need to apply for a permission code – you will be automatically enrolled into your nominated Project/Honours course with your Project Title and correct unit load, upon receipt of your completed and approved Project Registration Form.

For more information, please refer to our website - Student Projects | ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics


I need to enrol into a course that is owned by another College (e.g. MATH, STAT, CRIM, etc.) that requires a permission code. Do I apply here?

No. To seek permission to enrol into a non-CECC course, please contact the College that owns that course directly. Note that if it is a compulsory course for your degree, you should make this clear to the other College so there is no confusion about your eligibility to enrol into their course.  

If you are a CECC degree student hoping to take a non-CECC course as an elective, the other College may require you to provide confirmation from CECC that you have space in your degree program to complete their course. If this situation applies to you, you will need to contact CECC Student Services with a study plan detailing the courses you have successfully completed to-date and how you propose to fit in the non-CECC course. CECC Student Services will then review your study plan and confirm your eligibility (or otherwise) to take the course by reply email. 


Can I contact the CECC Course Convener directly for permission to enrol into their course?

No. In our College, you must submit a permission code request form. Convenors are unable to issue permission codes and if you have not met the requisites you will be required to submit the documentation above in order to be assessed for a requisite waiver.

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