Extenuating Circumstances, Assessment Extensions and Examinations

Assessment Extensions and Extenuating Circumstances

Extension Request Form

This process is managed by the ANU College of Engineering Computing and Cybernetics. Please complete this form for any COMP, ENGN, CECS or CYBN coded courses. 

This form is only applicable if: 

  • It is not an exam OR
  • the assessment task is worth less than 20% OR
  • the extension period sought is for less than 14 calendar days (10 working days).

For more information on extensions, please read the information below.

Extenuating Circumstances Application

This process is managed by the ANU Division of Student Administration and Academic Services. Please complete this form through ISIS for any courses. 

This form is only appliable if:

  • The assessment is an exam.


  • the assessment task is worth more than 20% AND
  • the extension period sought is for more than 14 calendar days (10 working days). 

You can only apply for an ECA once per assessment piece. For more information on Extenuating Circumstances Applications (ECA) please visit Extenuating Circumstances Application - ANU. Make sure you also check the guidelines for what makes an acceptable ECA.

ECA or Extension - Not sure which form you need?

It can be confusing to determine which process you need to follow if you find yourself having difficulties completing an assessment on time. See the examples and flow chart below to help determine when to submit an Extension Request Form or an ECA.

Please note that you can only use ONE form per assessment – you can’t apply for both an Assessment Extension AND an ECA for a single piece of assessment.

Example 1: You have an assessment worth 50% and you need an extension of 5 days. Submit an Extension Request Form.

Example 2: You have an assessment worth 10% and you need an extension of 12 days. Submit an Extension Request Form.

Example 3: You have an assessment worth 25% and you need an extension of 10 days. Submit an ECA.

Example 4: You are unable to sit an exam. Submit an ECA.

Important Note: From Semester 2 2023,  the former "Special Consideration" process is no longer an option, as adjustments to your course assessments on the basis of extenuating circumstances are captured and applied through the Extenuating Circumstances Application (ECA) or the Assessment Extension Request Form. 

Late Submission of Assessments in CECC Courses

Please ensure that you refer to each course outlines for the courses you are enrolled in every semester to determine whether late submission of assessment items are permitted within that specific course. Some CECC courses permit late submission (with appropriate late penalties), while others do not permit late submission at all (unless a formal assessment extension is approved).  

There is a University-wide policy on: extensions of assessment due dates and times; the late submission of work without an extension; and associated penalties. These matters are addressed in clauses 22 to 28 of the Policy: Student assessment (coursework). The procedures governing the application of this policy are set out in the Procedure: Student assessment (coursework) clauses 7 to 24. 

These guidelines apply to all undergraduate and graduate coursework in the ANU College of Engineering Computing and Cybernetics. It outlines the steps to be followed by a student seeking an extension for an assessment task within a course. These guidelines align with the ANU Policy: Student assessment (coursework).

Where an extension is approved, the revised due date and submission time is provided in writing. For the period covered by the extension, no penalty will be applied.


Your assessments and examinations are a large part of your time at the ANU, ensuring that you are well prepared is the key to your success.

Exam conduct – What are the expectations of you when attending an exam?

Deferred Exams – How do I apply? When do I need to lodge my application?

Viewing your course results – Please log into ISIS to view your final course results

ANU grading scale – What does my grade mean?

Appealing a result – If I have concerns regarding my result, what should I do?

Academic progress for Coursework students – What happens if I am on Academic Probation or Show Cause?

Viewing your exam paper

Students who wish to view examination script books must contact the course convenor to request a time to view the exam. If there are a large number of requests, then Student Services may set up viewing times.  Students will be advised and required to register their attendance at these sessions.  Only one viewing of an exam paper is permitted per course per semester.    

Please note that exam script viewing is a formal examination event and the following rules apply:

  • Please bring your ANU student identification card with you to view exams. No other form of ID will be accepted.
  • Student only allowed to view their own exam script.
  • No phone, iPads, laptops, bags, paper or pens (if you require a remark a form and pen will be provided).
  • No talking/discussion during viewing session.
  • Multiple choice answer sheets are not available for viewing.

Any questions regarding the marking of the examination paper must be directed to the course convener.

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