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A biomimetic inspiration – particle migration of red blood cells in engineering pipeline flows
AI-based Co-Pilot System for Helicopter
AI-based Decision Making for Strategically Empathetic Robot
AIgorithms in Robotics for Task and Motion Planning
Algorithms and Machine Learning on Graphs
Applying advanced software testing practices to enhance maintainability of IQ-TREE
Architecture and Data Structure Aware Linear Algebra
Atomic Layer Deposition of Novel Nanolayer Materials for Solar Cells (PhD project)
Atomically thin opto-electronic devices (LED, solar cells) and/or mechanical devices based on novel two dimensional nano-materials
Australian National University: PhD Opportunity – Laser additive manufacturing of advanced metallic materials for orthopaedic implant
Automated decision-making and learning under uncertainty for Robotics: Multiple PhD Projects
Automated morphological characterisation of the human knee joint for personalized arthroplasty
Benchmarking Scientific Application Performance in the Chapel Language
BEng Honours and Master Projects in Digital and Wireless Communications
Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Building Computational Model for Emphatic Avatars/Robots
Bushfire Detection using IoT Sensor Networks
CanMS: Cancer Prognosis from protein MS data
Classification of Nanoporous Semiconductor Materials using Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Comparing DL and BERT Methods on Commits Sentiment Analysis
Computational Alloy Design and Discovery
Corrosion testing of new alloys
Decarbonising industry: direct electrical heating using behind-the-meter PV
Decarbonising industry: thermal storage of heat generated from behind-the-meter PV
Deep Learning for Automated Planning -- Multiple Projects
Deep learning for facial expression and/or emotion recognition
Deep Learning for Generating Images from Texts
Defects in silicon solar cells (PhD/MPhil project)
Design and Analysis of 6G and Beyond Wireless Communications Systems
Design and Analysis of Molecular Communications Systems
Development and operation of a measurement system for recording fuel moisture content for field use
Development of a portable electroluminescence measurement system for photovoltaic modules
Development of a portable surface reflectance measurement system using a portable optical spectrometer and associated optical components
Development of a Recommender System for Design of Next Generation Battery Materials
Development of liquid doping for the fabrication of polycrystalline silicon passivating contacts in high efficiency solar cells
Documenting R Packages: What is a good example? (Hons) [Open]
Electromagnetic interference shielding and thermal management of smart phones enabled by graphene and MXenen
Energy efficiency, energy sufficiency, and demand response in resilient microgrids
Evaluating ML methods for semi-structured data
Evaluation of Metallic Nanoparticle Descriptors for Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Extension of entanglement analysis on dense polymer systems to obtain topological descriptors
Facial Expression Recognition from Masked Faces
Faster Decision-Theoretic Planning using Boolean-Constraint Propagation
Flexible and wearable sensors
Formalising Ethical Constraints in Automated Decision Making
Grey Literature on Technical Debt [Hons]
High-Performance Computing for Parallel Boolean SAT(isfiability) Solving
How Developers Discussions on Software Design Affect Quality [Open]
How do Data Scientists use GitHub? (Hons) [Open]
Humanitarian Engineering Education


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