In an Ivy League of her own

In an Ivy League of her own
In an Ivy League of her own

As winter sets in, one ANU Engineering student is preparing to turn up the heat in the USA as part of the 2016 Health Sciences and Technology Summer Institute at Harvard-MIT in Boston. 

Fourth year Engineering/Arts student Emily Campbell will participate in hands-on experiments which aim to alleviate human suffering and disease through applied learning in a variety of biomedical research areas.

“I will, of course, learn a lot about biomedical optics, but more importantly, I’m going to learn a lot about the research process itself and how the top researchers approach it,” she said.

The HST Summer Institute is a unique eight week program for outstanding undergraduate students to participate in hands on experiments in biomedical engineering and medical science.

Whilst Emily will spend her days at Harvard, she will be staying on the MIT campus, which she plans to make full use of.

“I’m especially excited to explore MIT. They have a lab called the D-Lab (Development Lab) which is all about technology in developing countries. I’ve already organised a tour of it,” she said.

The program runs from 8 June through 7 August at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School in Boston. 

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