Watch our July 2021 CECS graduation video

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Watch our July 2021 CECS graduation video
Watch our July 2021 CECS graduation video

Our July 2021 ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) graduation video is complete!

Starring our newest alumni, the sentiments and congratulations are, of course, for all of you. And to those who are included visually, thank you for participating.

While we were not all able to celebrate on campus, you came together to participate in our CECS graduation video competition 

You showed your resilience and creativity and uplifted others by sharing special moments, and it looks like you had some fun in the process!

Watch: see how our July 2021 class are celebrating

This video attempts to connect all of us: those who are here in Canberra and those who have studied or graduated remotely. It’s an emblem of how much we value and celebrate our community.

We hope you will watch it, smile, and share with your friends and family.

Photo/video contest winners

  • Rita Tri wins the “Encapsulates CECS” award for her 3-D duck.
  • Yusen Wei wins the “Look out world, here we come” award for his glorious mountain vista.
  • Memunat Ajoke Ibrahim wins the “How I am celebrating graduation” award.
  • Zhipeng Li wins the “Best photo involving a large inflatable duck” award.
  • The “Best Ensemble” award goes to Anneshwa Dey, Shivraj Joshi, Varad Kareker, and Aswin Mohanan for their playful reenactments of the moments they got their results.

When asked how he would spend his $100 prize for “Best photo involving a large inflatable duck”, Zhipeng Li said, ”My parents helped me a lot in my study. When I am in trouble, they are always with me and supports me. However, I have not met them in person for one and half year because of international travel restrictions. So, I am going to use the prize money to buy presents for them.” 

“Best Ensemble” prize winner Anneshwa Dey responded to the same question: “Food, food, food, and food!”

3-D duck creator Rita Tri said the video is “incredibly awesome,” and that “it speaks to the ability of my fellow graduates and CECS to bring as much positivity to the obstacles faced over the course of the past years”.

Stay in touch

There’s one more thing we hope this video will do. We want you to stay connected with the College, the University, and with each other.

So truly, don’t duck out on us. Keep us up to date on your endeavours and let us know how we can support you in them. Don’t forget to update or confirm your contact details to stay in touch, or reach out to our local alumni community team at


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