Mr David Quarel

Masters Student
Casual Tutor
Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours)

David is a Master's student working on problems in Algorithmic Information Theory, relating to Kolmogorov Complexity and the Solomoff Prior.
His undergraduate is a BSc (Adv.) (Hon), which he completed in 2017 with majors in mathematics and theoretical physics, a minor in computer science, and first class honours in analytical number theory.

Honours Thesis: On a numerical upper bound for the extended Goldbach conjecture

This thesis explored upper bounds for the extended Goldbach conjecture, which bounds the number of ways a number N can be written as the sum of two primes. He provided both a stronger approximation to the Buchstab function, and experimental evidence indicating that lowering the current best known upper bound would be almost impossible using the current known methods.

Casual Tutor for the following courses:

  • COMP1600 - Foundations of Computing (2017, 2018)
  • COMP2300 - Computer Organisation & Program Execution (2018)
  • COMP3630 - Theory of Computation (2018)
  • COMP1100 - Programing as Problem Solving (2016, 2017)

Ran an unofficial maths course based on "Book of Proof",
content, lecture recordings, etc. avaliable here

Currently the president of the Computer Science Student Association (CSSA), advocating for study events for students and running academic events.

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