Ms. Sirintra Vaiwsri

Record Linkage and Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage

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Uncovering full-length transcript isoforms of sugarcane cultivar Khon Kaen 3 using single-molecule long-read sequencing, Jittima Piriyapongsa, Pavita Kaewprommal, Sirintra Vaiwsri, Songtham Anuntakarun, Warodom Wirojsirasak, Prapat Punpee, Peeraya Klomsa-ard et al. PeerJ 6 (2018): e5818.

Predicting shrimp protein-protein interactions and gene ontology terms using association rule and semantic similarity calculation, Sirintra Vaiwsri, Anuphap Prachumwat, Sudsanguan Ngamsuriyaroj, and Ananta Srisuphab. In 2014 International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (ICSEC), pp. 278-283. IEEE, 2014.

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