Dr Thrinath Reddy Ramireddy

Postdoctoral Fellow
Doctor of Philosophy
+61 2 6125 9195

Dr. Thrinathreddy Ramireddy received his PhD degree in (Materials for Energy Storage) Engineering from Deakin University, Australia, in December 2015. He joined as Postdoctoral fellow in Department of Metallurgical Engineering and materials Science at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, worked with Professor Amartya Mukhopadhyay for a period of 15 months, unitl Aug 2017.  Dr. Ramireddy joined as a project scientist at Centre for Automotive Energy Materials division in International Centre for Advanced Research on Powder Metallurgy and New Materials from August 2017 till June 2019. Dr. Ramireddy research interests are on electrochemical energy storage especially batteries (metal-ion and dual-ion) and metal-ion hybrid capacitors. 

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1. Development of alloy based composite materials and metal oxide as anode materials for metal-ion batteries (Li-ion, Na-ion and K-ion).

2. Design and fabrication of cathode materials (polyanion and metal oxide analogue) for various metal-ion batteries.

3. Understanding the phase transformations in the electrode during electrochemical cycling using various In-situ techniques 

4. Safety studies on Metal-ion batteries

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