Dr Tim Brook

Tim Brook is the father of three daughters and the husband of a visual artist.

Tim is an independent multimedia artist--among other things, he makes slide-tape works. He blends colour slides on a screen one after the other to produce a sequence of slowly changing images. He describes each slide-tape work as 'an invitation to make connections'. He's been making them since 1981, working with composers, performers, theatrical directors and with other visual artists. Once he worked with a Reggae band and once with a Nigerian Rastafarian and four drummers. Now he works mainly with recorded sound and commissioned music. As a photographer, Tim was originally known for documenting the work of visual and performing artists. Since 1994, most of his work has been a close study of surfaces--their textures, patterns and colours. His corrugated iron series is one result of this study. More recently he has been photographing reflections.

Tim lives in the capital of Australia. His three daughters and three grandchildren all live in a provincial capital.

Multimedia art, code art

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