Dr Xiaolin Wang

Senior lecturer
DECRA fellow
+61 2 6125 6591

       2018 – present | Australian National University

       2013 – 2017 | PhD of Engineering | Australian National University

       2010 – 2013 | Master of Power Engineering | Shanghai Jiao Tong University

ENGN3226/6224 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

ENGN4902 The Environmental Impacts of Engineered Systems

ENGN1217 Introduction to Mechanics

ENGN2217 Mechanical Systems and Design

ENGN2222 Engineering Thermodynamics

ENGN4525 Solar Thermal Technologies

  • Building energy systems
  • Solar heating and cooling
  • Phase change thermal storage
  • CO2 hydrate-based thermal storage/carbon capture/desalination
  • Gas hydrate thermodynamics and kinetics

I am recruiting PhD candidates in three areas

  • Two-dimensional compounds (MXene, graphene, etc.) for thermal management
  • CFD modelling for multi-phase flows or thermal storage systems
  • Gas hydrate science

I plan to supervise Honours/capstone projects. Please refer to "Student projects".

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International referred journal articles: Google Scholar

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