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Namesort ascending Position Area Email / Phone
Mr William Wong Postgraduate Student
+61 2 6125 3785
Dr Paul Wong Senior Lecturer
+61 6125 0466
Dr David Wolfram Visitor and Former Staff
Olivia Wisniewski PhD
Ms Sarah Wilson Communications Manager Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program
Dr Liz Williams Senior Lecturer, School of Cybernetics (3A Institute) 3A
+61 2 6125 6750
Professor Graham Williams Professor, Chief Scientist, Software Innovation Institute, Cluster Lead, Data Science & Analytics ,
Mr Andrew Wilkinson Research Computing Facility Support Officer Technical Services
02 6125 3878
Asiri Wijesinghe PhD Candidate
Mr Florian Widmann PhD Student
Anuradha Wickramarachchi PhD Candidate
Mr Ary Anggara Wibowo School Visitor ,
Associate Professor Tom White Associate Professor ,
+61 2 61250881
Miss Melissa Whitby Continuous Improvement Manager Dean's Office
61 2 6125 9624,
61 2 6125 9624
Mr Ben Weise Lead Software Developer Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program
Professor Alan (Al) Weimer Adjunct
USA 303-492-3759
Assoc Professor Klaus Weber Associate Professor ,
Timothy Weber Research Officer
Ms Elizabeth Watts IT Transition Manager IT Services
Dr Phillipa Watson Senior Research Fellow Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program
Steven Ward Interim Associate Director, Infrastructure
Mr Shuang Wang PhD Candidate
Linjuan Wang
Mr Lei Wang Research Fellow
Jiarui Wang PhD Candidate Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing
Ms Rebecca Wang ITS System admin IT Services
Dr Ye Wang Research Fellow
Zhirui Wang PhD student
Dr Jing Wang Visiting Fellow
Dr Er-Chien Wang Research Fellow
Mr Nan Wang A PhD Candidate in the school of computing , , ,
Miss Jiali Wang PhD
Dr He (Jackson) WANG Former PhD Student at ANU CECS
Ms Yi Wang Research Fellow
Mr Tao Wang PhD Student
02 6267 6285
Mr Wei Wang Research Assistant
Mr Wei Wang Visitor, PhD candidate
Yifu Wang PhD Student
Yicheng Wang
A/Prof. Qing Wang Associate Professor , , ,
+61 2 6125 4625
Mr Bowen Wang PhD Candidate
Ye Wang MPhil Candidate
Miss Ziwei Wang PhD Researcher
Ms Fang Wang PhD Candidate
+61 2 6267 6289
Mr Song Wang PhD Candidate
61 2 6267 6285
Brenda Wang Research Assistant, Tutor, Student Ambassador
Mr Kunshan Wang PhD Student
Yiran Wang MPhil Student
Mr Shi Wang PhD Student
Mr Derek (Yuanzhi) Wang PhD Student


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