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The Reimagine investment is working on a number of interconnecting themes – people, infrastructure, research, education to name a few. Running through all of these themes is a commitment to collaborative practice and CoDesign.

We feel strongly that the best ideas and solutions to problems are generated within diverse groups of people. We are uniquely positioned to call on our national and international colleagues, students, alumni, and others, to work together as we frame our agenda and begin the process of achieving our goals. 

As we collaborate, and begin to CoDesign, a new type of engineering, computing, and associated educational models, fit for the middle of the 21st century will emerge. This is all about understanding and shaping large-scale systems of people interacting with each other through their digital and physical environments. 

We will explore who has been afforded the opportunities to participate in problem finding and problem solving, and who has typically been excluded. We will also begin to articulate systems and processes that are inclusive to everyone who is interested in participating in these challenges.

The CoDesign Culture Lab will look at the role of creativity and collaboration in contemporary engineering and computer science practice. It will also explore how we can bring these ideas into new teaching and learning environments. 

In organising the CoDesign Culture Lab, we continue the process of building a network of collaborators who will inspire and provoke us, keep us active and accountable. We will learn about each other’s work through a series of workshops and provocations. We will co-design research and education agendas and we will explore diverse models of innovative practice.

We can’t deploy methods and techniques of the past and expect different outcomes. We need to re-imagine problem solving and work together to form interdisciplinary teams of world class thinkers capable of tackling the complexity before us. 

CoDesign will be a critical component of the infrastructure we need at CECS as we build and sustain new ways of teaching, learning and practice. Information on other upcoming events such as the Indigitek meeting and the Reimagining 2050 Forum will be shared in coming months.

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