Spatial Sound Control for Testing Multi-channel Audio Devices

Schematic of comparison of actual sound source and reconstructed sound source with diffraction effects around a sphere.

Alternative Listening Devices/Personal Sound Amplification Devices (PSAP) are fast replacing hearing aids due to their affordability and easy accessibility. With the rapid increase of consumers opting for PSAPs an alarming need arises to ensure proper testing to assess the end-user's safety and benefit in real-life acoustic situations. This project tackles the challenging problem of testing PSAPs in laboratory setups that mimic realistic acoustic environments through the advancement of spatial audio processing techniques. Theoretical frameworks are developed to overcome existing limitations that hinder accurate spatial sound reproduction. The research outcome provides innovative solutions to safeguard Australia's future hearing health.



This is a Linkage Projects (LP160100379) funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) with Industry partner Dolby Australia Pty Ltd for 2017-2019.




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