Application of Agile Tools in a Student Support Environment


Supervisory Chair


External Member

Tania De Luca


"The expansion of modern software engineering practices across many industries has reported numerous benefits. However, there has been limited research on the effectiveness of implementation within an administrative team environment. The research outlined in this thesis investigates the adaptations required, along with the approach needed, for successful adoption of selected practices and methodologies in an administrative environment. To support this research, a case study was conducted with an administrative team that required a particular approach along with modified methodologies in order for the practices to better suit their team environment.

The results of this research are suggestive of an agreement with the potential benefits that had been anticipated. However, for various reasons described in this thesis these were not considered conclusive evidence. As such, the proposed hypothesis was neither proven nor disproven. Despite this, the positive outcome of this project was indicative of a need for further research in this area, particularly as the administrative team involved in the case study continued with the implementation of modern software engineering practices after the completion of this research project. As such, this thesis invites further investigation to assess the impacts of the implementation of modern software engineering practices in an administrative team environment. The lessons learnt, the team manual that was developed, along with the adaptations that were made to meet the needs of the administrative environment are offered as a contribution to future research in this area."

[Tania De Luca, "Assessing the impacts of the adaptation and application of modern software engineering practices in an administrative team environment", ANU COMP4540 Thesis 2017]


The 'adminsitrative team' mentioned above have recently decided to continue with the exploration of agile tools to support their work. This project will work with this team to contunue the above research. Specifically, you will work with an ANU student support team to fully impement and evaluate the use of agile tools including SCRUM, Relative Estimation and Story Boarding. Tania De Luca will join the supervising team to support and ensure a smooth transition to a new research student.

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