OzFuel: Australian Fuel Monitoring from Space


Supervisory Chair

External Member

Nicolas Younes


OzFuel (Australian Fuel Monitoring from Space) is a bushfire mitigation satellite mission designed at ANU to deliver information on the flammability of Eucalypts forest on the support of fire risk monitoring, prediction, preparation, response and resilience. In this project, you will be working with a spectral library for Eucalypts to verify the spectral bands that are more sensitive to variations in fuel loads (i.e. lignin and cellulose), fuel moisture content, and oil contents. These components are critical determinants of fuel flammability and, therefore, will help narrow down the preliminary spectral specification of OzFuel indicated in the Pre-Phase A OzFuel end-user preliminary requirements document. The data will also be used to demonstrate OzFuel capability in comparison with other existing optical sensors. We will achieve this by converting the measured full spectra to different sensors bands using the sensor-specific spectral response functions. We can tailor the project to match your skills and interests.



  • verify and validate the preliminary OzFuel mission requirements for end-user such as bushfire agencies needs
  • demonstrate OzFuel enhanced capability to monitor fuel conditions in comparison to existing satellites (MODIS/Sentinel-2).



  • Basic programming fundamentals.
  • Basic statistics knowledge


  • Multidimensional data (i.e. hyperspectral image) processing workflows,
  • Data wrangling and visualization


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