Phylogenetic inference in the genomic era




We are looking for a highly motivated student, who will work on the next generation of models and methods for phylogenetic analysis in the genomic era. There are a large number of potential directions that the research could take, and the details will depend on your interests and experience. Potential directions include: developing efficient algorithms for tree search; new approaches to phylogenetic model selection; co-estimating multiple trees. The student will implement new models and methods in the widely used IQ-TREE software ( See our lab web site for further information on our research.


  • Masters or Honours degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Experience in C++ Programming.

Background Literature

  • IQ-TREE: A Fast and Effective Stochastic Algorithm for Estimating Maximum-Likelihood Phylogenies
    L. Nguyen, H.A. Schmidt, A. von Haeseler, B.Q. Minh
    Molecular Biology and Evolution (2015) 32:268-274. Full text 
  • ModelFinder: Fast model selection for accurate phylogenetic estimates
    S. Kalyaanamoorthy, B.Q. Minh*T.K.F. Wong*, A. von Haeseler, L.S. Jermiin (*co-first) 
    Nature Methods (2017) 14:587-589. Abstract Full text (PMC)
  • Ultrafast Approximation for Phylogenetic Bootstrap
    B.Q. Minh, M.A.T. Nguyen, A. von Haeseler 
    Molecular Biology and Evolution (2013) 30:1188-1195. Full text


  • Phylogenetics
  • Molecular Evolution
  • Phylogenomics
  • Bioinformatics


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