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A Graphical User Interface for Displaying Proofs
Efficient and Scalable Theorem Proving in Propositional DynamicLogic with Converse.
A biomimetic inspiration – particle migration of red blood cells in engineering pipeline flows
A Framework for Implementing Modal Logics Using the BDD Method
A VM testing framework
Accelerating radiological path length calculations for intensity modulated radiotherapy treatments using parallel processing
Additive manufacturing of aluminium alloy
Advanced Topic Modelling for BioInformatic Software Platform
Algorithms and Machine Learning on Graphs
An LLVM-based Mu implementation
Analysing Voting Schemes Using Logic
Applying advanced software testing practices to enhance maintainability of IQ-TREE
Architecture and Data Structure Aware Linear Algebra
Architecture-Independent Workload Characterization to Support Benchmark Consistency
Atomically thin opto-electronic devices (LED, solar cells) and/or mechanical devices based on novel two dimensional nano-materials
Automated Data Cleaning Via Logic
Automated decision-making and learning under uncertainty for Robotics: Multiple PhD Projects
Automated Reasoning for Artificial Intelligence
Automated Reasoning for Situational Awareness
Automatic Synthesis of ZRTP Protocol Code
Autonomous Sniffer Robot
Benchmarking GPU performance portability across programming models
Benchmarking Scientific Application Performance in the Chapel Language
Binocular Rivalry, EEG, and Machine Learning
CFD and radiation characterisitic study of design of novel free falling particle receivers
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of 2-dimensional organic-inorganic perovskite semiconductors
Clean energy solutions on the Great Barrier Reef - PhD project
Comparing DL and BERT Methods on Commits Sentiment Analysis
Computational Automation of Biomarker Discovery with Flow Cytometry Data and Machine Learning
Context-aware document analysis
Corrosion testing of new alloys
Deep Interpretable Forward and Inverse Scientific Prediction using TabNet
Deep Learning for Graph Isomorphism (PhD Project)
Deep Learning for Information Extraction
Detecting and Characterising Novelty with Qualitative Abstractions of a Physical Environment
Development and operation of a measurement system for recording fuel moisture content for field use
Development of a portable electroluminescence measurement system for photovoltaic modules
Development of efficient and stable perovskite-silicon tandem solar modules
Development of novel particle receivers
Diagnose COVID-19 from Cough Signals Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing
Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems with Model-Checkers
Diagnostic Data: Machine learning with cell abundance datasets for disease detection
Documenting R Packages: What is a good example? (Hons) [Open]
Electric vehicles as emergency backup power
Electromagnetic interference shielding and thermal management of smart phones enabled by graphene and MXenen
Embedding IT-enabled decision support tools to improve quality of care for patients hospitalized with heart failure
Erlang and Mu
Evaluation of Metallic Nanoparticle Descriptors for Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Evaluation of the cost of language abstractions and features


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