GitLab guide

GitLab is an open-source package providing a service. This is used to provide git repositories, which in turn allows version control for a wide variety of projects.

CECC School of Computing operates a GitLab instance, gitlab, providing this service to research staff and students at ANU, as well as to external collaborators, supporting excellence in research.

CECC School of Computing also operates a teaching focussed gitlab service, which is directed at Undergraduate teaching activities.

For general GitLab and git questions there is a user guide accessible via the help link on the GitLab login page.

How do I login?

Use a web browser -

All non-undergraduate members of CECC should be able to log in with their UniID and password, using the "ANU ID" tab on the gitlab main page.

If you are an undergraduate, from another ANU College, or from outside ANU you will need to obtain a sponsored account.

If you have a sponsored account, login using the "Standard" tab.

If you're having continued problems logging in, please contact ANU IT Service Desk for further assistance.

How do I get a sponsored account?

You will need to be sponsored by an academic or professional staff member of CECC

You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been processed and created. (This email may be in the form of an email from the ANU ServiceNow system).

Please note that using the gitlab service means agreeing to abide by ANU policies on acceptable use of IT services. Links to these policies are on the GitLab login page.

How do I sponsor an account for a collaborator?

You need to be an academic or professional staff member of CECC.

  • Log into the ANU Service Desk.
  • 'Request something...'
  • 'Other services'
  • 'Looking for something else...'
  • Select 'Accounts and access' from the dropdown menu.
  • Under 'Additional info', please include
CECC Gitlab Sponsored Account

ANU ID: [If the applicant is currently within ANU]
Relationship of collaborator to CECC:
[Examples might be: ANU undergraduate assisting research, or External Collaborator.]

IT staff will create the account, and your collaborator will receive an email confirming this and/or a signup link.

Please note that HDR students and visitors cannot sponsor accounts. The request will be rejected.

Why can't I create a group?

To maintain some control over the group namespace, group creation is restricted to the same staff categories as account sponsorship i.e. professional or academic staff. All accounts are given a single group when they are created, which takes the format "firstnamelastname", and are initially restricted from creating further groups.

When creating a new group please keep in mind the Gitlab code of conduct below.

Gitlab service code of conduct

The gitlab service allows any CECC user to create new projects. The School of Computing Facilties team imposes few restrictions on project/group names other than that the names you choose will - depending on configured visibility - be viewable by at the least IT staff, probably your colleagues, and maybe the public, so should meet ANU acceptable use of IT policies.

Offensive, inappropriate, or otherwise breaching projects will be removed.

Remember that the GitLab service is a shared resource, so before creating a new project or group check whether the name you have chosen is used by another research area, or could easily be confused with another research area. Project and group names other than "firstname lastname" style should be clearly relatable to a research area or group, and have a defensible rationale for their existence. Work out conflicts beforehand. Support staff will refer any escalating conflicts directly to the CECC Executive for resolution.

git-lfs support

Gitlab supports git-lfs, so feel free to use it to store large files associated with your project.

Details of git-lfs support in GitLab are here.

Gitlab feedback and support

If you have any further questions about GitLab, or for technical support within the bounds of the CECC GitLab service, please contact

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