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Design and build systems that make the world a better place.

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A systems engineering approach unique to ANU

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering, like all our engineering degrees, is built on a multidisciplinary systems approach. This means that you will learn not only the technical aspects of professional practice, innovation and research, but also how it’s applied in the complex socio-technical context of everyday life. 

You will be encouraged to draw on your interests and your own lived experience to explore approaches ranging from uncertainty and risk, design, modern management practices, ethics and communication.  

This program will equip you with the skills you need to develop solutions for the rapidly changing environments of a wide range of industries. You will learn to: 

  • Investigate and form solutions to complex engineering problems.

  • Build software systems to address issues.

  • Apply technical and theoretical knowledge to harness software engineering capability. 

  • Tap into your own lived experience to develop systems that enhance everyday life.

Graduate with in-demand qualifications from Australia's top university, and gain experience working on real-world problems.

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The degree with endless potential

The Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Software Engineering will prepare you for a variety of roles across a range of professions and organisations such as Defence and Government, Tech & Start-ups, Finance, Consulting, Communications and Media, and many more. 

You might want to become a software engineer, developer, consultant, architect, programmer, analyst or product manager. Or apply your creative skills to design video games, work in marketing, animation, digital production, web design and development. The possible career opportunities are infinite.

Real-world experience

In the final year of your degree, you will choose one major project to work on throughout the year. The projects will emphasise collaboration, communication skills, team and personal management, and a professional approach to engineering design. 

You will have the option to select from: Software Engineering Practice, Software Engineering Research Project, Capstone Design Project, or an Individual Project to align with your passions.

"Getting exposed to industry and research before seeking out graduate jobs gave me a basis from which to seek out jobs I actually wanted or avoid ones I knew I wouldn't enjoy. 

Getting to chat to engineers in industry, especially those that had recently graduated, gave me a perspective on how to prepare myself for a career and what kind of personal and career development work or training I should pursue.

I also had the opportunity to head to Timor-Lest with Project Everest Ventures and work on a solar-panel project in the rural and urban community there. The opportunity to collaborate with other engineering and business students from across Australian universities on a project in a different country gave me so much knowledge within just a month that it really changed my perspective on what I want from a career in engineering."

- Matlida, Flexible double degree - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) & Bachelor of Science.

Get a Double Degree 

Combine your passion and profession with one of our 750 flexible double degree combinations.

We offer a range of flexible program combinations that allow you to connect your interests across discipline areas. You can choose to study two undergraduate degrees at the same time and graduate with two qualifications. 

Explore your flexible double degree options

Why study a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering at ANU?​

  • Gain industry experience and complete your degree with job-ready skills. 

  • Access experts working in the field with a variety of backgrounds and tap into their knowledge and experience. 

  • Join and learn from a community of scholars studying across broad discipline areas.

  • Have the option to study a flexible double degree to suit your passions and graduate with two Bachelor Degrees.


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