At the ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics, we partner with government, industry, and business to progress ideas, advance research, build learning opportunities, and create value for the community.

Connect or partner with us

We regularly work in partnership with business, industry and government agencies on consultancies, research collaborations, educational partnerships, and student engagement opportunities. These partnerships are can involve hosting internships or final year projects from our TechLauncher or Capstone courses.

Engage Experts

Whether it’s a technical problem or assessment, an evaluation or review, a training program or providing advice, our world-leading experts are here to help.

Engage Students

We facilitate a range of valuable, realworld professional and practical opportunities, in partnership with local, interstate and international industry, and government organisations.


We invite graduates, staff, industry, government and research partners to enhance our student’s experience through scholarships, mentoring, and other unique opportunities.

Find out more - becoming a Capstone Project Host.

Find out more - becoming a TechLauncher Host.

Find out more about our internships and work experience or enquire - becoming an Internship Host.

Connect and partner with our researchers

We regularly conduct research in partnership with business, industry, NGOs, NFP, social enterprises as well as research funders. If you are interested in partnering with our researchers within CECC reach out to our Business Development team.

Discover our researchers at the ANU School of Computing, ANU School of Engineering and ANU School of Cybernetics.


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