Industry, business and government organisations engaging and collaborating with teams of young professionals to develop, prototype and launch real solutions. TechLauncher is an initiative which enables students at The Australian National University (ANU) to develop and exhibit the research and professional skills required to use technology to bring great ideas to life and have a positive impact on our society.

Alongside technical competence, these skills include communication and stakeholder management, critical thinking, design, teamwork (including multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and distributed teamwork), time management and a diverse range of other skills and competencies sought by employers in industry and government as well as by the research community.

Students develop these skills by working within a context that is much broader than the ANU. They work closely with industry professionals, technology experts and entrepreneurs across the ACT to complete projects addressing complex problems in a variety of disciplines and industries, or to create their own startup enterprises. It is this context and breadth of involvement that provides our students with a deeply engaged and effective learning environment.

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TechLauncher is an inclusive program open to people across the university and the broader community.

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