Our Purpose

To serve society through transformational research and education.

Our Values

Be creative and bold

We will foster intellectual and cultural leadership. We will compare ourselves against the best, set high aspirations, and promote a culture that is not averse to risk. We will seek creative solutions for the great challenges of our age. We will be bold in tackling complexity and uncertainty to shape our collective future. We will learn from our failures and our successes.

Be open and inclusive

We value a diverse and inclusive community; one that acknowledges, respects, and welcomes differences in expertise, experience, perspective, and provides access to power. We celebrate the richness diversity brings to creative disciplines and we will be a community that is open to – and representative of – the best of the world around us.

Be meaningfully impactful

We will serve society through the impact of our teaching, research, and engagement. Our work positively affects how people live – shaping societies, governments, and technologies. We will measure our achievements by the positive difference they make in the world.

Our Focus

Strong Community

Our people are committed to building and sustaining a distinctive, vibrant environment for all members of our community. We continually review our practices to improve our diversity (both of our community and of our leadership). We champion academic freedom and actively promote equality and inclusivity.

High Impact Research

We are dedicated to enabling engaged research that transforms society and creates national capability. Our research clusters aim to achieve sustainable and diverse outcomes and impact via fundamental and transdisciplinary research.

Transformative Educational Experiences

Through periodic review and industry engagement we strive to provide education offerings which equip our graduates with the skills, knowledge and attributes valued by employers both nationally and globally. Together we will lead and develop fundamental expertise for robust problem solving, while evolving our offerings to reflect market and purpose.

Meaningful Engagement

We build and nurture meaningful partnerships and collaborations with government, industry, alumni, Indigenous partners, and other stakeholders. Together we will create mutual value propositions, maximise impact from our research and education, and establish ourselves as trusted voices to lead discourse in decisionmaking, and policy making, related to technology and its interaction with society.

Our Schools

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