Artificial intelligence put to the test

Artificial intelligence put to the test
Artificial intelligence put to the test

The Angry Birds AI Competition is back again for 2013, and it’s shaping up to be bigger and better than last year.

The pigs will fall and the birds will be angry, these constants are known.

But the question that remains is who out of man or computer will reign supreme?

The Angry Birds AI Competitionrequires participants to develop an intelligent Angry Birds playing agent that is able to successfully play the computer game. Or, put simply, the computer plays the game by itself without any human intervention.

The winning intelligent agent is then put to the test in the ultimate man versus machine challenge, which determines who, out of human or computer, can play the game better.

ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science associates and ANU Artificial Intelligence Group members Associate Professor Jochen Renz, Dr Steve Gould and PhD student Gary Ge are the creators of the challenge, which has gained momentum across the globe.

This year’s event, following on the back of a successful trial run of the competition last year, is shaping up to be something spectacular Associate Professor Renz says.

“2013’s competition is the first proper challenge where contestants have had more time to prepare and we expect a much better performance, we will also have more than twice as many participants than last time,” he said.

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