Fire station does more than battle blazes

Fri 27 September 2013

Fire station does more than battle blazes
Fire station does more than battle blazes

Adjunct Lecturer, Tim Brook has his art on display at Shaping Canberra, an exhibition at the ANU School of Art Gallery.

Art can be quite technical.

Just ask Dr Tim Brook, Visiting Fellow at the School of Art and an Adjunct Lecturer at the College of Engineering of Computer Science.

Co-creator of a computer science course designed to introduce artistic ideas to computer scientists, and computer science to artists, Dr Brook draws on this somewhat unconventional mixture in his own work.

“For any artist using a computer -and that’s a lot of them- it’s very important that they are not afraid of programming. They might never actually have to write much code, but if they don’t fear programming they aren’t going to compromise their integrity,” he says.

“The software that I used for my most recent piece of work, Fire Station, did everything I wanted it to, so I didn’t have to do any coding. But the fact that I knew I was able to do it if I had to meant a lot -I could maintain the integrity of the piece.”

Dr Brook’s Fire Station is one of many pieces featured in Shaping Canberra, an exhibition at the ANU School of Art Gallery highlighting the variety and inventiveness of professional artists who work and live in Canberra. Dr Brook didn’t need to think hard about his inspiration -a doctoral student of Mathematics who lived at the ANU flats in the 1970’s, his flat was directly opposite the Forrest Fire Station.

“The flats no longer exist, and the fire station is now the Canberra Fire Musuem,” explains Dr Brook.

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