Tim Brook and Torben Sko are Shaping Canberra

Tim Brook and Torben Sko are Shaping Canberra
Tim Brook and Torben Sko are Shaping Canberra

Adjunct Lecturer, Tim Brook and recent PhD graduate and tutor Torben Sko, each have their art on display at Shaping Canberra, an exhibition at the ANU School of Art Gallery.

The exhibition is part of the Centenary of Canberra celebrations and aims to highlight the variety and inventiveness of professional artists who work and live in Canberra.

Torben’s piece is a collaboration with Paul Murray - an accomplished Australian artist, designer and educator. Their work is an interactive in-browser installation based on feeds from the Canberra social media site The RiotACT.

Tim was a doctoral student of Mathematics who lived at the ANU flats in the 1970’s. Tim’s flat was directly opposite the Forrest Fire Station, which is where his inspiration came from for his Shaping Canberra piece.

Tim says that his piece, a digital animation titled Fire Station, is not a documentary or a historical testament. “It’s about the experience of a casual visitor going to the fire museum.”

“The piece is definitely not intended to be challenging art. It’s supposed to be a very accessible piece, because I want to speak to people not already in the arts community. It mattered to me a lot that the piece would be understood by people who were at the museum.”

“Not only did I get to explore an alien culture, but it was also lovely because some of the documents I used for the piece were unknown by the firemen. A lot of them didn’t realise the treasures they had because they were more focused on finding spare parts for the engines!”

The exhibition is open to the public until 19th October.

Visit the Shaping Canberra website for more information.

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