College shines in latest ARC fund round

College shines in latest ARC fund round
College shines in latest ARC fund round

The College has received over $5 million in the latest round of ARC funding for projects that will develop new solar cells, advance computer vision and improve the efficiency of nano-devices.

Associate Professor Kylie Catchpole was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship for her project developing high-efficiency tandem solar cells.

“Normal solar cells use red light efficiently but are not good at extracting energy from blue light. In this project we are planning to use nanotechnology and novel materials to make new solar cells that can use both red and blue light effectively”, says Kylie.

The project will also develop self-assembly techniques, enabling quick and cost effective fabrication of the nanostructures, whilst maintaining a high degree of control.

“These highly efficient solar cells will help to continue a reduction in the cost of solar electricity”.

Two Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards were received by Yuchao Dai and Yuerui Lu.

Yuchai received funding for a project in Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing. His project will advance research in geometric computer vision and develop a new framework for efficient dense three-dimensional reconstruction of non-rigid scenes by using a moving camera.

It is expected that this project will bring about breakthroughs in geometric computer vision with many daily applications, including three-dimensional natural human-computer interaction, three-dimensional reconstruction from historical movies and three-dimensional realistic animations. Its outcomes will enable users to capture and manipulate their surrounding dynamic world in three-dimensions easily and conveniently.

Yuerui Lu was thrilled to receive funding for his project in nanotechnology, which aims to realise rapid fabrication of controllable nano-devices over large areas with high throughput and low cost.

“I am very excited and grateful to receive this competitive award from ARC. This funded project will contribute to making processors or solid state storage devices cheaper and more efficient. ”

There were also a number of successful Discovery Grants across the Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering and Computer Science. Three researchers from the College have also received funding for Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grants, on projects led externally from ANU.

Future Fellowship

  • Associate Professor Kylie Catchpole

Discovery Early Career Researchers Award

  • Yuchao Dai
  • Yuerui Lu

Discovery Grants (led by College)

  • Stephen Blackburn
  • Rajeev Gore and Alwen Tiu
  • John Slaney
  • Sylvie Thiebaux, Pascal Van Hentenryck and Patrik Haslum
  • John Hosking and Lexing Xie
  • Thushara Abhayapala and Wen Zhang
  • Salman Durrani and Xiangyun Jun
  • Matt James
  • Qinghua Qin
  • Brendan McKay (led by UNSW)

Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grant

  • Paul Compston and Qinghua Qin (led by UNSW)
  • Shankar Kalyanasundaram and Paul Compston (led by Deakin University)
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