ANU student ideas come to life with TechLauncher

ANU student ideas come to life with TechLauncher
ANU student ideas come to life with TechLauncher

Students from across ANU now have the opportunity to use technology to bring great ideas to life, thanks to TechLauncher.

Students from across the ANU will be able to work with computing students, industry experts and entrepreneurs to develop their skills and create software start-up companies under the new ANU TechLauncher initiative, launched this year.

Students studying any degree in any discipline at ANU can participate in TechLauncher, and gain credit towards their degrees.

TechLauncher will enable those in the year-long course to work closely with technology experts and entrepreneurs on complex projects across a variety of disciplines and industries.

“Innovative and disruptive ideas often emerge in the boundaries between disciplines. TechLauncher will connect students with great ideas with the technical expertise required to bring the ideas to life” said Dr Shayne Flint who leads the TechLauncher initiative.

“We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the initiative and are continuing to look for project ideas and industry experts to participate in this innovative new course.”

The ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science has offered industry-based computing group project courses for more than a decade which this year have evolved into the TechLauncher initiative.

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