ANU graduate’s job search leads to Google

ANU graduate’s job search leads to Google
ANU graduate’s job search leads to Google

Peter Marshall, who graduated from a Bachelor of Software Engineering at ANU, is heading to live and work in Munich after his job search led him to Google.

Peter’s industry experience while he was an undergraduate helped him land the job with the Internet giant.

“I haven’t been to Munich yet but I’m excited about the opportunity and where it could take me and it’ll give me a chance to do more travel,” he said.

During his fourth year honours project Peter’s supervisor connected him with engineers from Facebook in Sydney, where he gained valuable experience.

“At Facebook I was working with them on an open source project to try to improve the speed and efficiencies. I was writing code and contributing to that,” he said.  

He also spent two weeks at the Facebook office in Boston.

“It was a unique opportunity and not everyone gets to do something like that but if you’re passionate there are opportunities out there,” he said.

In 2015 Peter applied for an internship with Google but missed out. But he didn’t give up, and was successful on his second attempt.

He completed a 12-week software engineering internship with Google in Sydney, and then applied for a full-time position.

“Once you’ve completed an internship with Google there is an opportunity to apply for a full time job. While it’s not a guarantee, a few month later I was offered a job. I start in September.”

Originally published at the ANU Media Newsroom

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