College alumni added to innovative engineers list

Mon 25 July 2016

College alumni added to innovative engineers list
College alumni added to innovative engineers list

College alumni Andy Bull and Michael Roberts have been recognised as two of the most innovative engineers in Australia.

Michael Roberts, a colleague of Mr Bull at Nova Systems, has pioneered the development of an off­-road autonomous land vehicle and an instrumented maritime radar target over the past two years.

“I love solving problems, and that’s basically what engineering is all about, from the entire vehicle or system concept, right down to detail challenges,” Mr Roberts said.

Mr Roberts graduated in 2001 with an Interdisciplinary Systems Engineering and Computer Science double degree. He said his time at ANU set him up for success in his career.

“The Interdisciplinary Systems degree gave me a very broad base across all facets of engineering, as well as the opportunity to complete an exchange program in the US and specialise further,” he said.

“Throughout my career I’ve worked on multidisciplinary projects, which the ANU degree prepared me very well for.”

Andy Bull, an ANU Systems Engineering graduate, has been commended for his advancement of Satellite Communications technology.

“I am really pleased and flattered to be part of the group selected,” he said.

“It’s great for the Engineering community to know what other engineers are doing within Australia, especially on cutting-edge projects where teams tend to lock themselves away with challenging new workloads and not much time to publicise their excitement around engineering achievements.”

The awards are organised by Engineers Australia to recognise outstanding engineers who have made noteworthy contributions to the community, the industry, and the profession.

The awards are open to all engineers working in Australia and Australian engineers working overseas.

Engineers Australia will be calling for entries to the 2017 awards later this year. They encourage engineers working on innovative projects to submit a nomination.

Those interested can make contact at:

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