Meet engineering and commerce graduate Arbaz Khan

Tue 12 December 2017

Meet engineering and commerce graduate Arbaz Khan
Meet engineering and commerce graduate Arbaz Khan

Arbaz Khan will step away from University life with a strong sense of self and a bright future.

After five years of study, Arbaz graduates from ANU with a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce.

“There have been many difficult moments during my time at ANU, but I’ve tackled them head on to grow and mature,” Arbaz said.

“Both Engineering and Commerce require commitment and motivation to study the long hours. However my friends, family and ANU staff motivated and helped me push through successfully.”

Arbaz chose to study at ANU because of the smaller class sizes which he said gave him the opportunity to engage and learn one-on-one with lecturers and tutors while also connecting with the research projects around him.

As he reflected on his time at ANU, he was reminded of the friends he studied with.

“There was a sense of community where we could study and have fun. Everyone is willing to help and the collaborative culture encourages the sharing of ideas,” he said.

“Solving challenging problems quickly become easier when you can work with motivated friends in an environment where teamwork is key.”

During his time at ANU, Arbaz has been an active ambassador for the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the Engineering Students Association, ANU Solar Car team, Engineers without Borders and Young Engineers Australia.

“I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to be part of many different and exciting areas throughout ANU,” he said.

“Being an active member of student societies, such as Engineers without Borders and the Solar Car team, has allowed me to find interests I am passionate about.

“These experiences have developed me personally by growing my problem solving skillset when tackling complex challenges. I am confident entering my job next year as I will be able to rely on the skills I learned from these associations such as improved communication and interpersonal skills.”

Arbaz has secured a graduate position as a mechanical engineer at the international design and consultancy company Arcadis. He will move to Melbourne early next year.

Arbaz’s advice to future students is to get involved in university groups and start building your industry networks early.

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