Divergent thinking key to mastering AI

Divergent thinking key to mastering AI
Divergent thinking key to mastering AI

Students in the 3Ai Masters program are exploring how to take artificial intelligence (Ai) safely to scale.  

So where do you start to tackle a topic so large?  

Part of the approach is to make sure we are asking the right questions. 16 students are now halfway through the program. Their first semester included a lecture and workshop series that was aimed at encouraging divergent thinking around technology and Ai.  

Each Friday 3Ai brought in someone from a different expertise – photography, astrophysics, futurism, ethnography, virtual reality, media, policymaking, tech theatre, indigenous culture – to explore the relationship between human intelligence and machine intelligence.  

Through exploring how people from these varied perspectives sought to engage with technology, students were able to look beyond the technical object – the Ai learning algorithm, the autonomous vehicle, the smart building – and engage with how we perceive the world around us and how this influences how we design, build, manage, scale and decommission Ai-enabled technologies.

The divergences series is just one part of the immersive full-time Masters that these 16 students are undertaking in 2019.  

Applications for the 2020 Masters have now opened (closing end August 2019): Apply Now

3Ai is seeking applicants from a range of backgrounds to contribute to building a new applied science. Places on the program are limited and will be filled through competitive application. Successful applicants will receive funding to support their involvement in the program.

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