3A Institute leaps light years ahead as new researchers join the team

3A Institute leaps light years ahead as new researchers join the team
3A Institute leaps light years ahead as new researchers join the team

The 3A institute at the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science has welcomed two new eminent researchers to the team, Professor of Cybernetics, Alex Zafiroglu and Senior Fellow, Andrew Meares. –>

The 3A Institute’s mission is to prepare for the future through creating a new applied science that addresses the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Led by Genevieve Bell, the radical institute is highly interdisciplinary, and both Zarfiroglu and Meares come from diverse backgrounds, and bring a broad range of experience and skills.

“For close to two years, we’ve been building the knowledge and tools to ensure that as technology advances, humanity advances with it. The recent addition of Alex and Andrew to our faculty introduces valuable perspectives on this journey as we test, challenge and create this new applied science,” said Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell.

Prior to the 3A Institute, Professor Zafiroglu spent 15 years in the technology industry at Intel Corporation in the United States. A cultural anthropologist by training, Professor Zafiroglu’s interests lie in urban systems and the deployment of AI across a range of industries.

“I am excited to contribute to ANU’s commitment to developing an applied science, in which people thrive with cyber-physical systems, and in which we keep the humanity in technology,” said Professor Zafiroglu.

Meares, a multi award-winning photographer and senior Australian media and political communicator, will investigate the role of images in establishing trust or distrust in an increasingly fast, connected and digitally manipulated world.

“I am delighted to join the amazing team at the 3A Institute. The diversity, depth of knowledge, energy and vision of the staff and students is simply extraordinary,” said Meares.

Both join 3Ai as the institute begins the search for its cohort of 2020 Master of Applied Cybernetics students. Applications for the flagship program, now entering its second year, closing on Sunday 25 August.

The team’s expansion demonstrates 3Ai’s commitment to exploring new ways to manage artificial intelligence safely to scale, through ethical design, integration, management and regulation of cyber-physical systems. 3Ai is forging the path of creating of a new applied science through research, engaging the community, diverse voices and finding new ways to transmit knowledge and skills.   

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