Xuesi (Wilson), Master of Computing '20

Master of Computing student, and Bachelor of Information Technology graduate, Xuesi (Wilson), from China, is looking forward to a future where technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI) are harnessed to improve the quality of everyday life.

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Xuesi (Wilson), Master of Computing ‘20
Xuesi (Wilson), Master of Computing '20

Automation, Robotics, Intelligence — Computer Science is on the cusp of a technological revolution.

“My interest in this discipline started when I was at primary school. When I first saw computers in my father’s office, it was the intelligence, devices and other high-tech stuff that became my greatest interest,” Wilson highlights.

After completing his undergraduate degree at ANU, Wilson knew immediately that he wanted to continue his studies within the same environment, “Because it is a world-leading university with good academic reputation, particularly in my areas of interest.”

Now, Wilson is enjoying the opportunities to dive deeper into emerging technologies while surrounded by world-leading experts.

“My favourite class is Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine Learning – it includes challenging materials, is taught by an excellent lecturer, and is an interesting discipline from both a research and future career perspective.”

Wilson appreciates the environment of excellence and innovation that the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science operates within and the insights that students gain from links to industry.

“I really enjoy the guest lecturers from industry that present profound perspectives of the application of the content we are learning. Many of them tend to give insights of the direction industry is moving in.”

Engagement with these external specialists combined with the strength and rigour of the degree is what Wilson feels will help him transition well into the field upon graduation.

“Staff from external private companies and organisations provide information regarding their firms, their current progress and more importantly, tips on how to enter the industry.”

These opportunities have seen Wilson build contacts within his field of interest but his enjoyment at ANU is not limited to just the course work.

“I am currently a member of ANU Kendo Club. I would say, joining such groups provides an excellent opportunity to meet new and interesting friends and learn about the local culture. Besides normal trainings, we frequently participate in competitions and seminars across Australia, which allows us to travel and meet other students from various parts of the country. Additionally, activities around Canberra provide excellent opportunities to further engage with the local culture and make daily life fun.”

Overall, Wilson has found that Canberra has provided an excellent location for him to experience the best of studying and living in Australia.

“I found the transition to Canberra/Australia quite smooth and I have found it easy to settle down in Canberra. I’ve been in an English-only environment for five years now, and after researching a number of aspects of my future life before boarding my flight, I was ready to tackle it all.”

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