Professional staff recognised at 2022 Dean's Awards

Professional staff recognised at 2022 Dean’s Awards
Professional staff recognised at 2022 Dean's Awards

Members of the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) community recently joined Interim Dean Nick Birbilis at the Birch Innovation Space to celebrate the winners of the 2022 Dean’s Awards for Professional Staff.

Natalie Vigliotta received two awards including the Rising Star award for recent additions, and Sinanziwe Sibanda received the Award for outstanding individual performance.

“I can’t overstate the pleasure of working with Sinanziwe,” said Dr Hedda Ransan-Cooper of Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program (BSGIP). “I had a very short timeframe within which to put a grant together and Sinanziwe supported me every step of the way. She was extremely calm and patient with me even at times where she had every right to be exactly the opposite of patient!”

An award of commendation in the Individual Performance category was presented to Ellen O’Brien, Engagement and Impact Coordinator at the School of Cybernetics, for her continued dedication and support across the research and engagement activities.

Vigliotta’s Rising Star award was for exceeding expectations in her exceptional project management of a gala event held at the National Gallery of Australia to celebrate 50 years of teaching computer science at ANU. 

“A big event, like the 50th, has so many moving parts,” said Chris Dennis of the School of Computing. “Nat was that person who juggled everything and kept everyone on track. It would have been impossible without her.”

An award of commendation in the Rising Star category went to Xueying (Shirley) Wang for taking on new challenges and dedication to learning new skills to enhance the School of Cybernetics social media and online marketing channels.

The Award for Outstanding Team Performance was presented to members of the Work Health and Safety Team from the School of Engineering, consisting of Katja (Kate) McKenzie and Meige (Maggie) Zheng. Birbilis praised the trio for “transformative and innovative work outputs and a level of excellence in support services that clearly exceed expectations”.

An award of commendation in the team performance category went to Educational Experience Team from the School of Cybernetics, consisting of Adrian Schmidt and Hannah Simpson, for exceptional work on a recent KPMG project. 

A second award of commendation went to a “Dream Team” that came together to organise the School of Computing 50th anniversary gala. Led by Vigliotta, the committee also included Christie Liu, Minyue (Petal) Wang, and Eric Byler.

Birbilis also announced that Lori Sciusco, Karen Jackson, Bhavani Balakishnan, Sejul Malde, Sarah Vande Velda and Irene Lemon received the Outstanding Engagement Award at this year’s University Industry Innovation Network Conference. 

CECS leaders in attendance included Amanda Barnard, Deputy Director, School of Computing, Genevieve Bell, Director, School of Cybernetics, Chris Kellett, Director, School of Engineering, and Natalie Lloyd – Associate Dean Education, CECS, and Meredith Nash who is our Associate Dean Community.

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