Introducing the Bandalang Design Studio

Introducing the Bandalang Design Studio
Introducing the Bandalang Design Studio

What are our capabilities as engineers? This question defines a new era of engineering, where understanding transdisciplinary systems and whole-of-life responsibilities require new ways of thinking.

The Bandalang Studio is a place to help shape these conversations, and honour Indigenous Knowledge Systems in innovation, design, research and teaching.

It’s an initiative from the School of Engineering at The Australian National University (ANU), and occupies a physical space in the newly refurbished Birch Building on the University’s Acton campus, located on Ngunnawal and Nambri land. 

Watch: Bandalang Studio at ANU

The Bandalang Studio creates opportunities to embed Indigenous science and technologies into core ANU Engineering modules.

“It is about contemporary knowledge, that long history about this country and this place that First Nations people bring, and how that informs what we do,” said Professor Chris Kellett, Director of the ANU School of Engineering.

Bandalang is in the process of establishing an advisory group and governance structure with embedded Indigenous voices.

Aunty Anne Martin, Director of the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre at ANU, encourages people to listen with respect and an open mind.

“It cannot be done the way it was in the past. Where everything was from the top down, working with First Nations communities. We have now flipped that and this is incredibly important,” said Aunty Anne. 

“We are coming together and using the best of all of our knowledges, to get the best outcomes for our future.” 

Help us build

Are you interested in seeing Indigenous knowledge help shape new ways of engineering in Australia? We want to hear from you. 

The Bandalang Design Studio is seeking thinkers, practitioners, academics and people with non-traditional career paths to join us in this journey.

Applications for residencies are now open, until 7 February 2023.

Renown Pintupi/Ngaanyatjarra artist Patrick Green is the first Bandalang Fellow. He hopes his artwork will contribute to “a culturally sensitive environment”.

“I’ve pretty much fit in to both worlds but a lot of people have gone through traumas just growing up as being Indigenous people,” said Patrick. “So to be able to provide these environments, you are going to see change, you will see productivity, you’ll see people getting degrees pumping out of here, then making a change on the ground.”

Connect with Bandalang

The Bandalang Studio provides a supportive environment for First Nations students, researchers, innovators, leaders and their non-Indigenous allies to learn and collaborate.

If you’d like to know more or have a chat, visit the Bandalang studio website or email

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