The data analytics programs focus on equipping students to apply skills in solving problems that reflect ‘real’ conditions, as well as building familiarity with the underlying principles of ‘big data’ software systems. Real-world case studies are embedded in several key courses spread throughout the curriculum.

The Graduate Diploma of Applied Data Analytics is a 1 year full-time (or equivalent part-time) degree that provides you with:

  • Exposure to best practice in data analytics.
  • Cutting edge courses in areas of relevance to data analytics practitioners.
  • An opportunity to deepen knowledge in one of the three areas of computation, statistics, or social science.
  • Professional development for practicing data analytics professionals.
  • The opportunity to undertake research of professional relevance.

The Applied Data Analytics programs are designed to develop interdisciplinary knowledge across three foundational academic areas: computing, statistics and social science.

You will develop introductory knowledge of all three areas to learn how data analytics and data science can provide the evidence base to improve social and business outcomes. You will also develop a specialisation in one of these three areas.

There are three different program options, with the Graduate Diploma providing skills and practice to further develop core skills, and the masters giving students the opportunity to develop a deep specialisation.

Program details

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