Built on a multidisciplinary systems approach, the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering will prepare you to design and build systems that influence everyday life.

The unique systems engineering approach covers both the technical aspects of professional practice, innovation, and research, as well as the complex socio-technical context of everyday applications. You will apply your lived experience and knowledge to explore approaches ranging from uncertainty and risk, design, modern management practices, ethics, and communication.

As part of this program, you will:

  • Build software systems that address complex problems faced every day in many fields, including transport, communications, finance, medicine, science, entertainment, and the arts. Have the flexibility to learn from research leaders in the field about the latest software engineering practices and tools ranging from the latest applications of machine learning to the most stringent cyber security practices.
  • Gain first-hand industry experience in your 3rd and 4th year team projects and build a toolkit of problem solving, analysis and design skills. Access experts in the field and develop your own startup to further enhance your innovation and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Apply technical and theoretical knowledge to harness software engineering capability.
  • Tap into your own lived experience to develop systems that enhance everyday life.
  • Graduate with in-demand qualifications from Australia‚Äôs top university, and gain experience working on real-world problems.

The degree with endless potential

The Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Software Engineering will prepare you for a variety of roles across a range of professions and organisations such as Defence and Government, Tech & Start-ups, Finance, Consulting, Communications and Media, and many more.

You might want to become a software engineer, developer, consultant, architect, programmer, analyst or product manager. Or apply your creative skills to design video games, work in marketing, animation, digital production, web design and development. The possible career opportunities are infinite.

Real-world experience

In the final year of your degree, you will choose one major project to work on throughout the year. The projects will emphasise collaboration, communication skills, team and personal management, and a professional approach to engineering design.

You will have the option to select from: Software Engineering Practice, Software Engineering Research Project, Capstone Design Project, or an Individual Project to align with your passions.

Program details

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