Alumni Networking Dinner: Hong Kong

Alumni Networking Dinner: Hong Kong
Alumni Networking Dinner: Hong Kong

At CECS, we are proud of our alumni and what they are achieving in Australia and around the world. Hong Kong has always occupied a special place within our international student network, with over 340 alumni members currently registered to the ANU Alumni Association of Hong Kong.

In March, we organised an Alumni Networking Dinner to touch base with CECS and ANU Alumni in Hong Kong. Alumni that attended the event reminisced about their time as an ANU student. They spoke about how their experiences at ANU helped shape their future and provided them with a launch pad to achieving their goals. They shared details with ANU academics, staff and students about their current roles, achievements and also expressed their interest in participating in more events such as this, in the future.

Alumni attendees

  • Andrew Wong – Director of Consulting, Appnovation, ANU 2014
  • Hess Wong – Independent Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Professional, ANU 1995
  • Raymond NG – Director, Raymond NG Consulting Services, President of Alumni Association of Hong Kong

External attendees

  • Ivan Chan, Vice Chairman, The Federation of Australian Alumni Associations Hong Kong

CECS attendees

  • Professor Ian Petersen, Director RSEEME
  • Dr Nan Yang, Senior Lecturer and Future Engineering Research Leadership Fellow
  • Johan Arnberg, Manager, International Marketing and Partnerships
  • Akeel Feroz, International Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator
  • Lyndsey Chen-Yang, Student Experience Liaison Officer
  • Ryan Pike, 4th-year BEng student (Mechatronics)
  • David Lim, 4th-year BEng student (Mechanical & Materials)


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