Pakistani State Minister visits the College

Pakistani State Minister visits the College
Pakistani State Minister visits the College

Ms Zartaj Gul, the Minister of State for Climate Change in the Government of Imran Khan in Pakistan visited the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) for a tour led by Professor Wojceich Lipinski. 

Minister Gul visited at the invitation of the Australian Government as part of the Special Visitor Program, which is aimed at up and coming politicians.

The program fosters communication between academia and international government, and offers future leaders the opportunity to ‘exchange knowledge on Climate Change policy and initiatives, build relationships with federal and state ministers and discuss trade and investment opportunities in the bilateral relationship’.  

Professor Lipinski gave Minister Gul a tour of the engineering, chemistry and physics labs at ANU, and was delighted to welcome her, and to share some of the ground-breaking research in his field.

Professor Lipinski is the Leader of the ANU Solar Thermal Group, and works with a team developing technology that can harness the sun’s energy to create thermal or electrical energy for industry, commercial and residential purposes.

The aim of the visit was to familiarise the Minister with the Australian understanding of climate change and environment protection.

The Minister said that she was very happy to see the level of achievements that Australia has made with climate change research and development, and that countries like Pakistan could benefit from the Australian experience.  

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